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All 6 – 12 graders BELONG AT THE SPACE

We provide high-quality, individualized support to Wood River Valley 6 – 12 graders so they can have a meaningful educational experience.

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Why Do I Need To Learn This?

Making the connection between what you are learning at school and your future self can be difficult. Let us help you connect your passions and interests to what you’re learning in school. 


I didn’t know I’d be coming here until my dad brought me. My grades weren’t very good. I was going to fail some of my classes. I enjoy coming here, I get good snacks, I get help with my homework and my grades have gone up. Now I’ve got mostly As on my stuff. I have a 5-minute snack time at the beginning and then I get to work.

– MERCKX, 6th Grade

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Learning Guides are available for 6 – 12 graders who are ready to navigate their education with confidence. We offer a number of programs designed to help you navigate your 6 – 12 grade years.

Drop-In Homework Help
Forward Learning Scholars
College Application support
Bilingual Scholars
Summer Programs

I Know what success feels like now

Math before was challenging. I felt bad because I thought I was going to fail the class. I needed help with math, English, and science. After coming to The Space, I got better at my homework assignments.

-Alex, 7th Grader, Wood River Middle School

all students have

Learning POWER

Which is why we created The Space – a gathering place in the valley for 6 – 12 graders who have questions about their education. Whether you are doing homework or preparing for life after high school, we help you navigate your education. 

here’s how we do it


We Enable Student-Driven Education
All students deserve an exceptional education aligned to their needs and goals. 


We Provide Individualized Attention and Care
All students receive high-quality support so they can confidently guide their own education.


We Guide Students Through Challenges
Challenges are inevitable. Learning how to navigate through obstacles leads to growth.


We Invest In Students
Young people have limitless potential and are the key to healthy, dynamic communities. They deserve our investment of time and resources.

The SPace changed my habits

Since I’ve been coming to The Space, I’ve noticed I started developing habits of actually doing my homework at home and studying. That’s something I used to not do before coming to The Space. I realized that The Space was helping me when I saw how much my grades were improving in my Spanish homework. I saw my grades go from a 50 to almost a 90.

-Miley, 9th Grade

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